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General Information

Includes all the versions of the technical guidelines from the first to the last draft as well as the final version (if adopted). Comments sent by Parties and Others on each draft are also included. All the information is classified by topic i.e. POPs, PCB, DDT, etc.

Technical Guidelines

Please refer to the Publications section section for the latest versions of technical guidelines

Mercury Waste
Used Tyres
Hazardous Waste in Cement Kilns

Please find the Draft Technical Guidelines on Co-processing of Hazardous Waste in Cement Kilns (31 March 2011 version) submitted by Chile as lead country. Comments are invited from Parties and all stakeholders by 31 July 2011 to the Secretariat (att: Ibrahim Shafii) or fax. +4122 7973454) and copy to Chile (att: Sandra Cortés). Comments received from Parties and others.

WCO Harmonised System Committee
Notification and movement documents

Revised notification and movement documents for transboundary movements/shipments of waste, adopted at COP8, and instructions for completing these documents (Word, PDF)

Hazard characteristics H10, H11
Development of TG on E-waste
E Wastes
PVC Wastes
Annex VIII of the BC

Annex VIII (List A) of the Basel Comvention refers to those wastes which are characterized as hazardous under Article 1, paragraph 1 (a), of the Basel Convention, and their designation on this Annex does not preclude the use of Annex III to demonstrate that a waste is not hazardous.

Annex IX of the BC

Wastes contained in the Annex IX (List B) will not be wastes covered by Article 1, paragraph 1 (a), of the Basel Convention unless they contain Annex I material to an extent causing them to exhibit an Annex III characteristic

  • Circular on the national classification and control procedures for the import of wastes contained in Annex IX . May 2003 rev.2 (PDF format, Word format). Responses provided by Parties: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6
  • The information contained in the following documents: Letter of Ukraine and Circular on Annex IX replaces the feedback that was received from Ukraine in February 2003
  • Consolidated report and analysis of the questionnaires concerning national classification and control procedures for wastes listed in Annex IX to the Basel Convention
  • Annex IX to the Basel Convention: reponses provided by Parties
Archived items
The archive contains some of the most relevant items that previously appeared on this page
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