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The Strategic Plan for the implementation of the Basel Convention (available in HTML, PDF and WORD  formats) is the blueprint adopted by Parties in 2002 to give effect to the 1999 Basel Declaration on Environmentally Sound Management. It established priorities in terms of policy and programmes, selected priority waste streams and projects.

The fundamental aims of the Basel Convention are the control and reduction of transboundary movements of hazardous and other wastes subject to the Basel Convention, the prevention and minimization of their generation, the environmentally sound management of such wastes and the active promotion of the transfer and use of cleaner technologies, according to the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan was established to cover the period from 2002 to 2010. COP9 decided to extend its implementation until a new Strategic Framework is adopted by COP10 in 2011. Therefore, decision IX/3 set up a system to develop the new Strategic Framework, driven by Parties, and requested Parties, signatories, the regional and coordinating centres and others to submit comments on developments and obstacles in the implementation of the current Strategic Plan to the Secretariat. This will facilitate the development of the new Strategic Framework.

Relevant Decisions

Decisions of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention and of the Open-ended Working Group on the Startegic Plan

Related documents
  • Draft table of contents of the report on the implementation of the Strategic Plan to 2010 for the implementation of the Basel Convention
Report on progress

Progress reports on the Strategic Plan prepared for the COPs and OEWGs

Nominated persons

As requested in decision IX/3, each Party was invited to nominate a contact person to facilitate liaison with the Secretariat in the review of the Strategic Plan

Archived items
The archive contains some of the most relevant items that previously appeared on this page
New Strategic Framework
Report on the Strategic Plan

Report on the review of the implementation of the current Strategic Plan (includes 9 annexes)

  • Full Report, including the annexes. (Acrobat PDF)
  • Report without the annexes (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF).
  • Annex 1: Strategic Plan for the Implementation of the Basel Convention (to 2010) (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 2: Decision IX/3: Strategic Plan and new strategic framework (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 3: List of decisions of the Conference of the Parties and the Open-ended Working Group on the Strategic Plan (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 4: Comments received from Parties and BCRCs. (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 5: Action Table under the fields of the Basel Declaration. (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
  • Annex 6 - 9: Projects, workshops and other activities carried out under the Strategic Plan. (MS-Word, Acrobat PDF)
Letter from the President of COP9

Letter from the President of COP9 Mr. Rachmat Witoelar, State Minister of the Environment of Indonesia, on the Decision on the Strategic Plan and the Strategic Framework adopted at COP9.

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