Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal  
Ship Dismantling
Ship Dismantling
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Abandonment of ships  
Comments received from Parties and others pursuant to Decision OEWG VII/12: Environmentally sound dismantling of ships
Party E A C F R S
European Union (Preliminary assessment pursuant to decision OEWG-VII/12 (Environmentally sound dismantling of ships)            
Japan (Comment list of the Comparison of equivalent level of control and enforcement)            
USA (Preliminary Assessment. Whether the Hong Kong Convention Establishes an Equivalent Level of Control and Enforcement as that Established in the Basel Convention)            
CIEL (Shipbreaking and the Basel Convention: Analysis of the level of control established under the Hong Kong Convention)            
IMO: The Hong Kong Convention and IMO's position in relation to the preliminary assessment by the UNHRC Special Rapporteur            
ISRA (Comments on decision OEWG-VII/12 (Environmentally sound dismantling of ships) )            
ISRA Statement for the COP 10 Meeting 17-21 October 2011, Cartagena            
NGO Shipbreaking Platform (Does the Hong Kong Convention Provide an Equivalent Level of Control and Enforcement as Established Under the Basel Convention ?)            
United Nations (Special Rapporteur - Preliminary assessment of the Hong Kong Convention)            
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