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Ship Recycling Technology & Knowledge Transfer Workshop. Izmir, Turkey, 14 - 16 July 2010

In May 2009, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention received a request for technical capacity building assistance in relation to ship recycling from the Government of Pakistan. In response, the Secretariat developed a concept for a Ship Recycling Technology & Knowledge Transfer Workshop to strengthen the regulatory, institutional, procedural and infrastructural capacity of Pakistan’s Government and industry to fulfil the relevant aspects of the Basel Convention in relation to ship recycling, particularly those dealing with the downstream management of hazardous and other wastes, and the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009. The Ministry of Environment & Forestry and the Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs of the Government of Turkey and the Ship Recyclers’ Association of Turkey, kindly agreed to host the Workshop in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. The Workshop was made possible as a result of voluntary funding to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention from the Governments of Norway and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Workshop took place from 14 to 16 July 2010 in Izmir, Turkey. A delegation from Pakistan, comprised of representatives from both Government and industry, participated in the Workshop. In addition, representatives from the Secretariat of the Basel Convention, the International Maritime Organization, the Government of Turkey, the Ship Recyclers’ Association of Turkey and Germanischer Lloyd were present.

Title Format
Meeting Report  
Workshop Agenda July 2010  
List of Participants  
Turkish Ship Recycling Industry Corporate Social Responsibility in the Ship Recycling Industry  
Turkish Ship Recycling Industry Transition to the Hong Kong Convention  
Overview of the Turkish Ship Recycling Industry, the main actors and national legislation in Turkey  
The Basel Convention and its application to ship recycling  
Employers' Health & Safety Responsibilities  
Environmental Perspective of the Ship Recycling Industry in Turkey  
Implementation of Basel Convention and other International Chemicals/ Wastes Management Instruments in Pakistan  
Introduction to the Hong Kong Convention  
Ship recycling from ILO perspective  
Ship Recycling in Turkey, the Industry Perspective  
The Notification Procedure in Izmir  
The Ship Recycling Industry in Pakistan  
The Use of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials at Ship Recycling Facilities  
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