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Abandonment of ships on land or in ports

  • Some Parties to the Basel Convention have expressed concern with regard to abandoned ships on land or in ports and their potential effects on human health and on the environment. Consequently, the Conference of the Parties and the Open-ended Working Group have taken up this issue. Click here to access relevant decisions.
  • The IMO Secretariat has produced a note (Joint Working Group document ILO/IMO/BC WG 1/2/2) providing information on the various IMO legal instruments and guidelines relating to the abandonment of ships. This note has been considered by the Joint Working Group at its first session, the twenty-seventh Consultative Meeting of the Parties to the London Convention 1972 and the ninety-first meeting of the IMO Legal Committee.
  • The eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties took up the matter of abandoned ships on land or in ports and requested that the Secretariat forward subsmissions received in response to its decision VII/27 and OEWG-IV/6, to relevant bodies of the International Maritime Organisation and the International Labour Organisation. A report on submissions received can be found in the meeting documents section.
  • By the same decision VIII/13, the Conference of the Parties recognised the need for guidance on how best to deal with ships that are abandoned on land or in ports, and accordingly requested Parties to contribute to such guidance, in particular by submitting information on best practice examples from their national experience to the Secretariat.
  • Mexican Legislation concerning the abandonment of ships in land and in ports ( Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV )
  • Further to decision VIII/13, the OEWG-VI developed and annexed to its decision an information note titled “Guidance on dealing with abandonment of ships on land or ports” and invited Parties and others to supplement the information, as appropriate. The information note inter-alia, noted the relevance of the Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007 to some cases of abandoned ships
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