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Definitions of key terms
Definition Meaning
Accession: the act whereby a State and/or regional economic integration organization accepts the opportunity to become a Party to the Convention after it entered into force. It has the same legal effect as ratification.
Amendment: an amendment refers to the formal alteration of treaty provisions affecting all the Parties to the particular agreement.
Convention: synonymous with "treaty", term generally used for formal multilateral treaties with a broad number of Parties usually negotiated under the auspices of an International Organisation.
Formal confirmation: the consent of an International Organisation to be bound by the Convention.
Participants: all States and/or regional economic integration organizations linked to the Convention as Signatories or Parties.
Parties: States consenting to be bound by the Basel Convention.
Protocol: supplementary instrument to a treaty, which contains supplementary provisions.
Ratification, Acceptance, Approval: consent of a State and/or regional economic integration organization to become a Party and be bound by the Convention.
Signature: the first formal step prior to ratification declaring an intention to become a Party to the Convention.
Succession: the adherence to the Convention of a new State where the predecessor State, whose territory has become the responsibility of the new State, was a party to the Convention.
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