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About this section

This section contains press advisories, interviews, videos, publications, photo galleries and other useful information concerning the Basel Convention.

The section includes publication material produced internally by Parties, the secretariat, the Basel Convention Regional Centres and other key actors as well as link and references to external websites and other sources of interest.

The Executive Secretary´s Keynotes section contains, in document and/or video form, an on-line collection of key messages, interventions and presentations by the Executive Secretary, Ms. Katharina Kummer Peiry, at Conferences and other important events relevant to the Basel Convention.

COP10 Press Accreditation
  • This application (English, French, Spanish) must be presented with a letter of assignment and copies of the passport or national ID card and the press card
His New Phone, His Old Phone.
Press releases
  • Press Advisory: Geneva, 15 April 2011. Global experts call for sweeping reform across the life-cycle of electronic and electrical products.
  • Press Release: San Jose, California, April 12, 2011 . UN expert meeting charts the way forward on hazardous chemicals in electronic products. Historic meeting addresses entire lifecycle of electronics .
  • Press Advisory: Geneva, 28 March 2011. Global experts see 'green economy' opportunity in the life cycle of electronic products.
  • Press Release: Geneva, 21 January 2011 . UN study shows steady increase in global generation and transboundary movements of hazardous wastes.
  • Press Release: Bogotá/Geneva [20 January 2011]. Colombia to host international conference aimed at promoting hazardous waste minimization and reuse.
  • Press Release: A Crisis of PLASTIC POLLUTION: Findings Released from world's first plastic-research voyage through the southern hemisphere.
  • Press Release. INECE: Global Crackdown on Illegal Hazardous Waste Shipping Confirms Benefits of Cross-Border Cooperation, 2 November 2010.
  • Press Release: Barcelona, Spain, 4 October 2010. UN Conventions Seek to Strengthen National Control of International Chemicals and Waste Trade.
    The first joint consultation of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions with the Basel and Stockholm Convention Regional Centres and FAO and UNEP Regional Offices in Barcelona coordinates actions on hazardous chemicals and waste and the enforcement of the conventions
  • Press Release: Geneva, 14 May 2010. Old ships and obselete computers part of major transition for global waste management.
  • Press Release: Geneva, 12 May 2010. Diverting used computers from landfill to boost environmental outcomes and jobs gathers pace (this document is also available in Spanish).
  • Press Release: Prague, 24 March 2010. Mobile phones generate cash for gorilla conservation, not waste.
Basel Convention in the news

This section contains news from all around the world where the Basel Convention is mentioned.

Archived items
Safe Planet

The United Nations Campaign for Responsibility on Hazardous Chemicals and Wastes.

Safe Planet is now on facebook. Click on the icon to the left to open the Safe Planet's page on facebook. There you can get detailed information on the campaign's latest developments: interviews, images, newsletter and other useful information.


The Basel Convention Highlights section contains, in document and/or video form, an on-line collection of messages, interventions and presentations by UN and Parties' Representatives as well as other persons closely related to the Basel Convention, at meetings, conferences and other important events relevant to the Basel Convention.

Photo Galleries
  • Photo Gallery: Katharina Kummer Peiry, Executive Director of the Basel Convention, welcomed the launch of a mobile phone collection and recycling project by the Prague Zoo, Czech Republic, on 24 March 2010. The recycling project will raise funds to support conservation of the endangered Lowland Gorilla in the Greater Congo Basin of Central Africa.
  • Photo Gallery: Seventh Session of the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG7)
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