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Article 13 (transmission of information)

Pursuant to Article 13, paragraph 3 , Parties shall transmit, before the end of each calendar year, a report on the previous calendar year containing the following information as specified under 13(3)(a) to 13(3)(i). The focal points to the Basel Convention are responsible for receiving and submitting information as provided for in Articles 13 and 16.

Reporting Database

The Online Reporting Database of the Basel Convention contains data and information on hazardous wastes and other wastes, as transmitted by Parties, annually, pursuant to Article 13 (3) of the Convention.

National reports

Compilations of the information contained in the national reports, as transmitted by Parties, pursuant to article 13(3) of the Basel Convention:

Guidance on national reporting

New Guidance Document on Improving National Reporting: Following its seventh session, the Implementation and Compliance Committee has adopted a practical guide for the national technical officials responsible for the collection of information for the preparation of the national reports that are to be submitted annually to the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. This document is also available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Status of national reporting
  • Status of national reporting 1999-2006 (see a graphical representation) and 2007, by Parties to the Basel Convention pursuant to article 13(3) of the Convention
  • Status of national reporting by completion of items of the COP6 adopted revised questionnaire by Parties pursuant to article 13(3) of the Convention for the years 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001.
2009 national reporting

All parties are required to update/complete Part I; Part II, Section A and; Part II, Section B of the 2009 revised questionnaire. The deadline for completing/updating the 2009 revised questionnaire is 31 December 2010.

  • Pre-filled 2009 revised questionnaires are available for 151 Parties, which have reported at least once either for the year 1999 and/or onwards, using the COP6 adopted format. Password and the username have been e-mailed to the focal points in September 2007. If not received, please send your request to the Secretariat (
  • Blank 2009 revised questionnaire is available for Parties which are reporting for the first time.
Comparable data

In this section, a Party can find what and how other Parties are reporting about its export and import data on hazardous wastes and other wastes, pursuant to article 13, paragraph 3 of the Basel Convention.

Adoption of the revised questionnaire

The Conference of the Parties at its sixth meeting (December 2002) adopted a revised questionnaire on “transmission of information” and its manual, prepared by the Secretariat with the assistance from the Government of Finland and in consultation with Parties. The manual, which is intended to assist Parties in completing the questionnaire, is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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