Second Meeting of the Expanded Bureau of the Sixth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties, Geneva, Switzerland, 25/10/2003 - 25/10/2003

(Note: the UN rules require that documents must be issued in all official languages simultaneously and, for this reason, documents when only available in English are to be treated as advance versions.)

Reference Title
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/7 Final Report     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/1 Provisional agenda     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/1/Add.1 Annotated provisional agenda     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/2 Basel Protocol on Liability and Compensation     X  
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/3 Resource mobilization     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/4 Implementation of the strategic plan     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/5 Financial and administrative matters     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/6 Proposed agenda for OEWG3     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/INF/2 List of pre-session documents     X X
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/INF/3 First Draft Instruction Manual for the Implementation of the Basel Protocol     X  
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/INF/4 Draft Guidance Note on the Framework for Financial Resource Mobilisation for Implementing the Strategic Plan for the Basel Convention     X  
UNEP/SBC/BUREAU/6/2/INF/5 Basel Convention and the Development of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management     X X