Party   Description Ref Language
Albania LAW No.9108, dated 17.7.2003 on Chemical Substances and Preparations English
  LAW No. 9010 dated 13. 02. 2003 on Environmental Treatment of Solid Waste English
  LAW No.8934, date 05 September 2002 on Environmental Protection English
  New Environmental Protection Law no 8934 dated 05 September 2002 English
  LAW No.8652, dated 31.7.2000 On Organization and Functioning of Local Governments English
  Decision No. 26 dated 31.01.1994 On Hazardous Waste and Garbage English
  Decree No. 825 of 13.10.2010 on approval of list of wastes allowed to be imported for the purpose of use, recycling and processing English