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Status of Ratifications

In this section you can find the updated list of Parties and Signatories to the Basel Convention, the list of ratification/acceptances/approval of the amendment to the Basel Convention (Ban Amendment), the list of signatories and ratifications of the Basel Protocol on Liability and Compensation as well as other related documents and links.

National Legislation

This section contains information relating to national legislation and other regulatory measures adopted by Parties and is intended to assist Parties and others to implement the provisions of the Basel Convention.

National Definition & Import Restrictions

This section contains information transmitted by Parties pursuant to articles 3 (national definitions) and 4.1 (import restriction) of the Basel Convention.

Illegal Traffic
Implementation and Compliance Committee

In this section, you can find the terms of reference for the mechanism for promoting implementation and compliance , its current composition and relevant decisions.

Decision V/32

This section provides information on the implementation of decision V/32 whereby the Conference of the Parties decided to enlarge the scope of the Technical Cooperation Trust Fund of the Basel Convention to assist Contracting Parties that are developing countries or countries with economies in transition in cases of emergency and compenstion for damage resulting from incidents arising from transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and other wastes and their disposal.

Agreements and Arrangements

This section provides all the relevant information on Bilateral, Multilateral and Regional Agreements and Arrangements entered by Parties and others in accordance with Article 11 of the Basel Convention.

Article 17(5)
Cooperation with IMO

This section contains information relating to the respective competencies of the Basel Convention and MARPOL 73/78, further to decision VIII/9 adopted by the eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties

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