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The Basel Convention MPPI

In 2002 the Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI) was launched, during the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention, when 12 manufacturers signed a Declaration entering into sustainable partnership, with the Basel Convention and in cooperation with other stakeholders, to develop and promote the environmentally sound management of end-of- life mobile phones. In addition three telecom operators also signed a Declaration entering into sustainable partnership in July, 2005.

Background Information

The use of mobile phones has grown exponentially from the first few users in the 1970s, to 1.76 billion in 2004, and more than 3 billion in April 2008. Sooner or later, these phones will be discarded, whole or in parts. In developed countries this quite often takes place sooner before they cease to operate. According to some recent studies, the first owner will generally replace their mobile phone within two years.

The issue of wastes from discarded mobile phones is, therefore, a significant one due to their sheer quantity globally and the possibility of pollution as well as the loss of valuable resources ( Read more ... )

MPPI Guidelines and Guidance Document

MPPI Documents and Guidelines - Decisions of the Governing Bodies of the Basel Convention, reports of the meetings of the Mobile Phone Working Group, infonotes and other documents

Mobile Phone Working Group (MPWG)

Decision VI/31 of the sixth meeting of the Conference of the Parties established a working group consisting of experts from Parties and/or Signatories interested in a sustainable partnership on the ESM of end-of-life mobile telephones plus representatives of the mobile phone manufacturers and the Secretariat of the Basel Convention. This decision defines the mandates of what is called the Mobile Phone Working Group (MPWG), as well as the roles and responsibilities of the MPWG, the OEWG and the Secretariat of the Basel Convention in respect of the MPPI.

Current status

The ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties by its decision IX/8, adopted the Guidance Document on the Environmentally Sound Management of Used and End of Life Telephones (UNEP/CHW.8/2/Add.3, UNEP/CHW.9/11) and requested the Secretariat to continue to collect comments on chapter 4 (see Comments below).

The seventh meeting of the Open-ended Work Group by its decision VII/11 requested the Secretariat to publish the revised overall guidance document including the changes to summaries and recommendations contained in the five technical guidelines. Parties, signatories and stakeholders are invited to submit any comments on the revised overall guidance document to the Secretariat by 31 October 2010. For easy reference the revised Guidance Document is attached in the final draft form and final draft with changes highlighted.

Chair of Mobile Phone Working Group receives Swiss Cowbell Award

Mr. Marco Buletti, Chair of the Mobile Phone Working Group, received the “Swiss Cowbell Award” from the Steering Committee of the International Electronics Recycling Congress (IERC), which took place in January 2009, in Salzburg, Austria.This award was presented to Mr. Buletti as a recognition for his outstanding commitment and leadership, which resulted in the creation of the Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative (MPPI). He accepted this award on the understanding that many representatives from Parties and Signatories to the Basel Convention, industry and non-governmental organizations significantly contributed to the success of the MPPI. Mr. Buletti says "I wish to dedicate this award to all those who actively participated in the Working Group and various project groups and wish to thank everyone for their contribution to the success of the MPPI". Click here for additional photos.

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