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Informal Meetings

Further to decision VII/3 of the Conference of the Parties, the Secretariat organised a teleconference, to provide a forum for discussion on the launching of PACE and on documents developed through previous informal stakeholder consultation – in particular, a scoping paper containing a list of potential activities and projects, stakeholder participation, and resources.

On 28-29 June 2007, the Secretariat of the Basel Convention hosted a further Preparatory Meeting of Experts for the launch of a public-private partnership for action on computing equipment. This strategically important meeting was attended by 30 participants comprised of government from Parties and Signatories, private sector, civil society and academia. For more information see the agenda of the meeting

Formal Meetings

Subsequently, the formal meeting of stakeholders was hosted in Geneva on 2 September 2007, prior to the sixth session of the Open-ended Working Group. This preparatory meeting was exceptionally well attended, with diverse participation by 61 representatives of government (from Parties and Signatories), non-governmental organizations, private sector, civil service, industry and Basel Convention Regional Centres.

The meeting agreed a draft scope, mission statement, objectives and activities for PACE that were then put to the Open-ended Working Group for its consideration and possible adoption

Informal meeting documents
  1. Teleconference note - 9 May 2007
  2. Summary Record of the Preparatory Meeting of the Partnership on Computing Equipment (28-29 June 2007, Geneva)
Formal meeting documents
  1. Summary Record of the Preparatory Meeting on the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE).(2 September 2007)
PACE Infonote
  1. Infonote on the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE).(20 November 2007)
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