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This page is designed to creating links with electronic and web-based Decision Supportive Tools (DST) that are being developed in the context of the implementation of the Basel Convention and in cooperation or consultation with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention.


The PROSOL waste international information system was developed as a non commercial tool in support of the implementation of the Basel Convention. It was commissioned by the Ministry of Environment, Focal Point to the Basel Convention in Germany, in the context of the Ministerial Declaration on the Environmentally Sound Management of Hazardous Wastes (1999). Countries, cities and companies around the world that encounter waste-management related problems of a technical, financial or organizational nature can use this tool free of charge to get in contact with solution providers from different horizons world-wide to help solve their problems.' The tool will be further improved based on the comments and suggestions from users as well as by proposing versions in additional languages.

Gedden Co. pilot project

The aim of this pilot project is to facilitate the development of an electronic Hazardous Waste Tracking System and its implementation in Mexico by SEMARNAT, Focal Point institution to the Basel Convention. The proposed system will aim at assisting the Semarnat in monitoring and controlling the generation, storage and national movements of hazardous wastes in compliance with the national regulations as well as transboundary movements of hazardous wastes in compliance with the obligations of the Basel Convention. The project is the product of a partnership between the Semarnat, the SBC and a private company (Gedden) which contributes for a large part to the project development.

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