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The International Environment House is located in Geneva, Switzerland, at 9-15 chemin des Anémones, Châtelaine. It is in close proximity to the Palais des Nations, seat of the United Nations Office at Geneva, and also to Geneva's International Airport. The white 7-storey building extends a whole block from chemin des Anémones to Chemin du Petit-Bois along Avenue du Pailly and the Viaduc de l'Ecu. For more information consult the city map at the TPG (Transport publics genevois) web site and visit the IEH web site at

Public transport

Take bus 6 in the direction of Vernier-Village or Gare ZIMEYSA (for example from the train station, Gare CFF de Cornavin). Buses depart every 5-7 minutes (15 minutes after 19:00). Alternatively, take bus 14 (for example, from the Palais des Nations) in the direction of Tours-de-Carouge, with departures every half-hour. Get off at the bus stop "Châtelaine-Ecole". Walk up to the corner by the Pont de l'Ecu, turn right and walk two short blocks. The bus fare costs 2.20 SFr from ticket machines at the bus stops. For more information visit the TPG web site, see "Map" at the IEH web site or consult these public transport maps

Key location maps
UN shuttle service

A UN shuttle service also operates between the Palais des Nations and the International Environment House, with the following departure times:

  • Palais des Nations (door 5), departure times: 8:20 11:00 13:50 15:50
  • International Environment House (door 13) , departure times: 8:30 11:10 14:00 16:00

For visitors travelling to the International Environment House directly from Geneva Cointrin Airport, taxis are readily available, and a one-way trip costs approximately 15-20 Swiss Francs. For more information see "taxis" at the IEH web site.

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